Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was another renaissance artist.He was born in April 15, 1452 and he died in May 2,1519.He was one of a kind artist because he did more than do paintings.Hid dad married a girl that was 16 years old,but she died so young that he married somebody else,and Leonardo used to live half time with his mom and half time of his life with his dad.Leonardo had an education in Latin, geometry and mathematics.

Leonardo was a painter,sculptor,architect, musician, scientist,mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer , Botanist , and Writer Whose genius.He did a lot of paintings and he made painting of human body because he was a scientist.He was more famous for the Mona Lisa and most parodied portrait and The Last Supper.Another of his paintings was called Vitruvian Man.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Medici Family

Medici is a family who always has a lot of power because they always do something to get the power.They started being the most power family in Italy.The family clawed their way to the top, sometimes through bribery, corruption and violence.The people who stood in their way could end up humiliated or dead.They created a lucrative partnership with the Catholic Church.The Medici family was connected with the Papal so it gave them immense power,then everyone wanted an account with the Pope's.They were important because they had a lot of money so they could do anything they wanted.They lived a big house or a castle because they had a lot of money and they work on their jobs.I think that they did had a good impact in the society because when they got in something everyone wanted to get in that also.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A peasants life

    A peasants life its hard because they had to work all the time on somethings and they could not rest for a long time.They did most of the farming because they grew corn.The mans that were peasants had to work most of there time in the field because it was growing season.When they where farming they used wooden hoes. No matter what if they wanted to rest they could not.
   If the peasants were not working in the field they were helping to built the pyramids.They also had good things happening to them because they could go to royal wedding.They also severed as solders when their country were in war.They had a hard time,but they did all of the things so they could not get in trouble.That was the only things that they could do because they where peasants.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Cyberbulling is someone who tells thing about you that are not true,and they put it in the web so every one can see it.If someone is being cyberbulling in the web they can have emotions or they can decide to do suicide.They can suicide them-self because of what they read in the internet or because of what that person said to them.The people who are cyberbulling can go to jail because they are doing something against the law.